Our Approach

Coming to the Chicago area in 1969 Sis. Willis and I felt the burden for souls and the tremendous need for the work in Chicago. Out of a burden and passion for the Chicago Metro and all our United Pentecostal Churches the Chicagoland Men's Conference was born. In November 1995, the First Apostolic Church of Lockport, Illinois, pastored by myself, WC Willis, hosted the first conference, with Bro. Paul Mooney of Indianapolis, Ind. as special speaker. That first meeting, we had between 75-100 men in attendance on Friday evening and 60 came for the Saturday morning meeting. The ladies of the church served refreshments in the gymnasium. It was the start of a great fellowship for men. The Conference continued to grow each year until we had no room any where for the crowd of men, we had them stuffed in the offices, the vestibule, on the stairs and even on the drive way, men could not get in the parking lot. The sanctuary was filled to capacity with over 400 in attendance. We knew we had to do something, so we rented the Lockport High School. Even though we had secured it, something came up and they needed the Auditorium, we were at a loss for a place. We tried every where. One morning at breakfast, Sis. Willis and I were at the end of hope and she suggested the Family Harvest Church in Tinley Park, Illinois. We called them, they were so kind but said they could not help us. Then on the next Saturday morning. Sis Willis was coming home from Shipshewana, Ind. and as she passed the Family Harvest Church, she just said, "Lord, we need this place". To make a long story short, that Monday morning Family Harvest called and said they could let us have our meeting there. Hallelujah!

Our last conference was 2000 in First Apostolic Church. Organizing the meeting to include several of our Chicago Pastors as sponsors, who have shown a tremendous burden for the Metro area has been a great asset to the Conference. We commend Pastors: Tom Breese, Dennis Mostyn, Jack Yonts , Robert Boetthcher, Eddie Hodge, Carl Hefley, Micah Sutton, Paul Hood, Bobby Goddard, David Sagil, Edward Robertson, Ric Gonzales, Roberto Miroballi. Some of the United Pentecostal Ministers who have blessed the Conference down through the years: Paul Mooney, Wayne Huntley, Jeff Arnold, Rex Johnson, Mike Chance, Gen Supt. Kenneth Haney, Simeon Young, Johnny James and Mike Williams, Jerry Jones, Jacque James, Kenneth Mendenhall and Travis Miller Also, Illinois District ministers: Calvin Jean, Kelly Wilson and Wendell Maynard, Henry Brash, David Sagil, Bill Coltharp, Brent Coltharp, Fred Daniels and Brian Labat. They have enriched the conference with their anointed preaching year after year. We have been blessed to have Bro. Tom Trimble to do the conference music. Bro. Trimble is such a blessing to the meeting with his special touch and feel for the moving of the Holy Ghost.

Our goal for the Chicagoland Men's Conference is to continue to be a meeting men can gather from all over our fellowship to be strengthened, renewed, inspired, blessed and be better men and stronger men equipped to do their part in the Kingdom. It is beyond description to witness a mass of men worshipping, praising, seeking God and receiving their personal Pentecost. We have seen over 1000 Apostolic men in attendance. A note of praise to our God, we have never had to charge a registration fee for this meeting. The men totally support this conference.

We want to thank all the participants for making Chicagoland Men's Conference a blessing year after year.

Yours for Apostolic Men Everywhere,
WC Willis

Our Story